Who Is iMusic Music?
iMusic Music is a Partnership Between Music Retailers and  Radio Station Executives that want to make the process for independent artists and musicians easier to get their music registered, released and radio airplay ready.

Why Should I Use iMusic Music?
The process of getting your music registered, released and played on the radio can be a daunting task. iMusic Music make the process easy by handling the entire encoding process for you and delivering encoded files back to you that are ready to be submitted and upload with complete track and tracking information included to any online platform or radio station.

Is iMusic Music Right For Me?
iMusic Music is perfect for Independent Artists, Musicians, Bands, Producers, Music Creators and Smaller/New Labels.

How Much Does iMusic Music Cost?

  • Only $199.00 + $10.00 Annually for Individual Songs/Tracks
  • Only $499.00 + $40.00 Annually for Summitted EP Projects of 5 Songs/Tracks


What Makes iMusic Music Different?
iMusic Music is not just a service. iMusic Music is a Platform. In order for an artists or musician to really cut their teeth in the industry. You have to have a place where you can ask questions and collaborate with other professional artists & musicians that have or had the same goal as you when they first got started. The iMusic Music Platform is that place.

Additionally, we won’t waste your time on busy work just to keep your on our platform. You will be expected to contribute to the platform and move up the proverbial platform ladder by doing. Small steps every day makes creates success for any artist or musician.

There are levels to being a successful artist or musician and you will be expected to move through each level with precision to become a successful artists or musician with iMusic Music!